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Well guys, from here on out updates are going to be floating around until I finish the book I’m working on – in early April, hopefully. Until then, pages could be pretty infrequent – regardless of how much I loooove making Billy (and it drives my artistic betterment in a BIG way, which makes it valuable despite the lack of income it brings in), I gotta pay the bills. And it’s amazing that I can currently do that with my brush. Right now, I have NO idea how often I’ll be able to get an entire page done – they happen to be a decent amount of work. Like, 2-3 days every week. Mainly because they are HUGE.

That's a fifteen inch ruler.

And they are huge because I am STUBBORN. My comic is damn well going to look like what I want it to. If that means I have to to be on the lookout for new tools constantly, or mix up my own ink formulas, or incessantly berate myself so that I try harder to make the writing or the art better and more appropriate for the world the characters live in, then so be it. Making good comics is more important to me than being comfortable, or feeling good about myself. If I didn’t have such amazing, understanding, and supportive people in my life, I’d probably have some serious relationship issues as well. Thankfully, I’m married to a teacher who happens to be as insane about her career as I am.

Aaaanyway, I think I’m finally going to get around to experimenting with releasing the pages panel by panel while I’m under this deadline crunch. They certainly contain enough information (and work) in each one to warrant it, and it might just be fun. Plus, I think it will help me to still prioritize Billy, and not lose the thread of this storyline. And I’ll be able to update more often. If you follow me on Twitter, or are fan of the comic on Facebook, I’ll be giving updates whenever a new tier drops.

And if it doesn’t work…well, I’ll stop. No biggie.

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Discussion (23) ¬

  1. Taylor says:

    The fish-man is the best ever. I want backstory.

  2. mouseanderson says:

    I love the idea of you doing prints. I would hang mine in a place of honor next to my something positive sketches, QC sketches, Lucy Furr Sketches, my Uncle Scrooge Poster, 2 Myazaki prints, etc… and both my daughters art.
    You probably don’t want to imagine my side of my wife’s and my bedroom.
    I will continue to say that whenever you can post seems to be fine with most of us. Life and Finances must take priority at times.
    Sorry about the size of this post.
    Just got a home computer, having been commenting on my work computer, so can now “like” the comic on facebook. Last one blew up about a year ago and just got the money to replace it, and my older daughter won’t let me use her laptop.

  3. Gregory says:

    That is one larcenous fishperson.
    And I, also, would dig being able to get some prints.

  4. Broseph says:

    Oh my gosh! The fishman even stole the precious mouseover text!

  5. JE Draft says:

    aw, come ON!! How mean do we really need to be to Billy!? Poor kid! The Creature from the Black Latrine needs to be brought to book!


  6. Denny says:

    I’ve been getting into your strip over the past month. I love the full pages. Maybe you could post the panels individually and then post a full page of them combined after you get them all done ( and going back and deleting the one panel posts )? Maybe this is already your plan? Either way I love your art and I’m slowly sinking into the story.

  7. Mimi says:

    Whoo just caught up on the last 3 pages. I really feel for Billy, I mean, I haven’t exactly been in his situation, but I know what he’s feeling. Good job!

  8. EL says:

    *looks at ruler, then page, then ruler again, then — *

    Holy frickin’ hells. THAT’S why every page looks amazing.

    If selling prints of the comic will help keep it alive — or if it’s not too big an inconvenience relative to the money it’ll earn — please add that option to the shop. I’m sure mouseanderson and I won’t be the only takers.

  9. admin says:

    @Taylor: You’ll probably get it, eventually. Right now it only exists in my head.

    @Broseph: The lack of mouseover text is directly attributable to my state of absolute tiredness when I posted the comic. It’ll be back.

    Re: Prints: Anybody know a good website to have prints made? I’d consider it if it was easy and decently priced.

    COMIC UPDATE: I’ve been working at getting ahead on my other projects this week, so Billy got backburnered. It stresses me out like crazy to not work on it, but I gotta do what I gotta do. Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak a little time this weekend, and then I can get a start on the panel by panel updates. THANKS GUYS!

  10. Toafan says:

    Just looked at the ruler pic again. Holy fuck, man. Lighten up on yourself.

    OTOH, at that size I bet a 1:1 ore even just 15-inch print would look FANTASTIC. I’d buy one, except I have no clue what I’d want it to be :) Maybe prints of individual panels…

  11. PartTimeZombie says:

    your latest few pages have been beutifully drawn. i just glanced back at the first few pages and the contrast was quite shocking. I’n my minds eye I was expecting them to look like the latest few. you’ve certainly improved a busload and the first few were great to begin with.

    on a side note… perhaps you could just get a picture of billy saying ” I’ve seen horrors” on the side of a coffee mug. it would explain the way i look in the morning before my coffee…

  12. Ed Bickford says:

    That page is gorgeous, Jason.
    Reading Billy has inspired me to finally take the plunge and make a webcomic too. here is my first page and first post. Please take a look.


  13. Ed Bickford says:

    That page is abolutely Gorgeous!
    What do you used to scan a page that size?

    good work. keep up the…er…good work. Too much work!

  14. JE Draft says:

    Dang – I miss Billy. Hope he comes back soon … :)

  15. EL says:


  16. Xel Unknown says:


  17. Antoine Ballard says:


  18. Josh says:


  19. EL says:

    Still checking the site each and every day >_>

  20. admin says:

    I miss you guys too. And I miss Billy. I’ll update sometime soon, but it may not be news that you’ll like…

  21. Mastercodex says:

    I’ve been checking this site for the longest time now, waiting for you to come back. I’ve never commented before, but seeing that you still respond, maybe not all hope is lost

  22. Tony McGurk says:

    Just stumbled across your comic. The detail in your work is incredible

  23. Ric says:

    Great comic. …wish you were still drawing it. Hate to assign it to the “dead” file of other great comics that were abandoned. I’ll keep looking for a while.

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