That rather put-upon looking lad up there is Billy. Billy attends a school for child geniuses because he happened to accidentally score immeasurably high on his second grade IQ test. Why does he wear the dunce cap? It’s a long story. Mostly he just asks too many questions.

But things aren’t right at the Rube Goldberg Institute for Insufferable Genius – as Billy soon finds out. The normal kids hate Billy and his peers for going above and beyond the normal realms of genius. Like, way above. Still, the dorm kids try and stay out of the way, do their own thing, and hang together.

These Are The Ones to Watch.

This is Anton. He does magick.

Not that namby-pamby toy store magic. No, he does magick. You know, with a K. Nobody really knows why it works for him- it hasn’t for anyone else so far. Anton and Billy share a dorm room, and despite the evidence to the contrary considers Billy his best friend.

Likes: Rockabilly, A Neat Room, Calamari Joe, Jello with fruit in it.

Dislikes: Magic (especially card tricks), Science, Getting Into His Stuff.

Temperament: Not great.

This is Been. She’s a demon.

Well, more accurately – she’s a succubus. But being eight, that’s a bit of a contradiction. However, being a walking contradiction does have it’s advantages. Been can usually slide in and out of any situation unscathed, like she’s wasn’t even really there. Of couse it helps being so darn positive.

Likes: Portals, Cute Things, Dead Things, Billy, Spritzer, Couscous.

Dislikes: Unknown.

Temperament: Unflappably chipper.

This is Gibble. He’s a Scientist.

While one couldn’t refer to him as mad per se, he doesn’t have a very well developed sense of morality, either. He can whip up just about any device, breaking whatever physical laws can be broken…as long as he’s got the motivation.

Likes: Astrophysics, Exoplanets, Robotics, Liver.

Dislikes: String theory, people, losing his welding helmet.

Temperament: Impishly frigid.

This is Shelley. She’s a Medical Whiz.

Other than Billy, Shelley is the member of the group most likely to notice something horrible going on. She isn’t driven by altruism or compassion, but rather an obsessive need to fix living things that become broken. Unfortunately, this mean she spends a lot of time fixing up cats – an animal she despises, yet infests the school grounds for some reason.

Likes: Solitude, Stickers, Electron Microscopy, Pizza.

Dislikes: Cats, Anton.

Temperament: Suffers fools poorly.

This is Spritzer. He’s a Zombie. (Sort of)

Yeah, he’s a zombie — but don’t worry too much about your brains around him. He’s a bit too prissy and skittish to get into the whole cannibalism thing. Anyway, he’d rather eat cookies. Which he calls biscuits. Because apparently he’s British or something. Nobody’s figured out how he came to be yet, but there are theories starting to form…

Likes: Billy, Been, Walks in the woods, Good Neighbors (the show), Sunday Roast.

Dislikes: Needles, Drills, Sharpened Broomsticks, and P.J. Jones

Temperament: Anxiously polite.

This is Sally. She’s a Thug.

Well, not exactly a thug–she’s a kin…kinesh…kinesthetic genius, meaning she’s really, really good at figuring out how to do things. Like flying a jet, or welding, or knitting. Right now she uses her skills mostly for fighting, because that’s more fun. As the newest addition to the dorm, she still has a lot of skepticism regarding her place there amongst the other kids. And Spritzer.

Likes: Fighting, Flying, Knitting, Tater-Tot Casserole.

Dislikes: Boredom

Temperament: Dangerously boisterous.

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